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Diplomatic duplicity

C. Christine Fair

Foreign Policy

This much is clear about the latest convulsion in U.S.-Pakistan relations: an American man, operating under the name of Raymond Davis, shot and killed two men in Lahore in the populous province of the Punjab. After the event, an “emergency vehicle,” presumably from the U.S. consulate, rushed to rescue Davis and careened into a crowd. The as yet unidentified driver of the rescue vehicle killed a third person. Davis is currently being held in Pakistani custody in Lahore. He has been added to Pakistan’s exit control list while his status is being determined in Pakistan’s courts, which precludes his exit from the country.

The U.S. government maintains a simple account: he was an employee of the U.S. consulate in Lahore who shot two men in self defense. Since he has “diplomatic immunity,” he should be released under the Vienna Convention immediately. President Obama has himself argued that he should be released for these reasons. Concurrent with Obama’s appeals for the man’s diplomatic immunity, U.S. Senator John Kerry travelled to Pakistan this week to resolve the ever more complicated row. With such high-level demands, the very credibility of the U.S. presidency is at stake. This is not lost upon Pakistan or its citizens.

Pakistan has its own stylized, yet starkly divergent, account from that heard in the United States. Whereas Raymond Davis is a niche topic of the chattering classes in Washington D.C. in the United States, he is the mainstay of conversation across all stratum of Pakistani society and has become a national obsession in Pakistan’s print and television media. Pakistanis have called for the hanging of Davis in public rallies.

From the Pakistani viewpoint, the “facts” are far less clear. Davis was first described in peculiar, ambiguous terms as a “U.S. consulate employee.” He was driving his own unarmored vehicle and carrying a gun. Most diplomats in Pakistan — American or otherwise — now travel in armored cars. They certainly do not drive their own cars, and they generally don’t carry guns.

Despite Pakistanis’ assertions that he is a spy, he does not have the profile of a bona fide operative of the Central Intelligence Agency. CIA case managers are well-trained and are unlikely to conduct themselves as Davis did. However, some U.S. officials concede that he is likely a security contractor with ties to the American intelligence apparatus. This is consistent with his resume.

Speculation is rife in both countries that this dispute over Davis may come down to a showdown between Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI, and American intelligence agencies. Both Pakistani and American analysts have told me that the two men shot likely were Davis’s Pakistani intelligence detail or perhaps informants or operatives gone sour.

The view from Pakistan: “Raymond Davis kaun hai?” Who are you?

The Pakistani press raises different issues that generally are not raised in the United States and reflect the conspiracy theories that grip many Pakistanis. First, Pakistani officials doubt that Raymond Davis is the true name of the man in question.


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Dozens of Europeans Training for Terror in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas

ISI Warns of Well-Educated Pakistanis with European Citizenship

Jason Ditz


In a rare announcemcent of a foreign plot, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency is reporting that it has evidence that dozens of people with European citizenship, including a large number of highly educated Pakistanis are flocking to the tribal areas looking for terrorist training.

Officials say that there are as many as 20 British citizens in North Waziristan and “several dozen” people with citizenship elsewhere in Europe. Militant groups have been keen to recruit people with such citizenship because they could travel freely within the European Union.

The report may well be linked to last week’s claims of a “credible but non-specific” plot to carry out a Mumbai-style attack against some site in Europe or North America. The US has insisted that the massive escalation of drone strikes into the tribal areas is because of the plot.


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India defeats Sri Lanka to take last semi-final position in ICC Women’s World Twenty20 2010

Jhulan Goswami India International

New Zealand crushes Pakistan to top Group B

Australia will face India in first semi-final in St Lucia on Thursday while White Ferns will take on home favorite West Indies at the same venue on Friday

Nicola Browne and Sulakshana Naik take home player-of-the-match awards

India defeated Sri Lanka yesterday to qualify for the semi-finals of the tournament on the last day of fixtures at Warner Park while New Zealand rounded off its group stage of the ICC Women’s World Twenty20 with a comfortable victory over Pakistan earlier in the day.

India’s fixture was the second of the day and saw the higher scoring of the two matches at Warner Park with Sulakshana Naik and Mithali Raj both scoring half-centuries to make the total of 145 for Sri Lanka to chase down.

“It’s obviously good to know we’ve now qualified for the semi-finals of the tournament and we’re looking forward to facing Australia next in St Lucia,” said India captain Jhulan Goswami.

“I was very pleased with how we performed today. I felt Sulakshana Naik and Mithali Raj along with Poonam Raut all had Sri Lanka on the back foot from the start. We need to carry this good form to St Lucia,” she said. Naik smashed five boundaries on her way to making 59 runs and was mainly assisted in her innings by Raj after Poonam Raut departed for 12 after being bowled by Udeshika Prabodhani.

Upon arriving in the middle Sri Lanka never quite matched up to India’s batting and made a mere 73 in reply losing a total of nine wickets in its allotted 20 overs.

Nicole Browne New Zealand International

Diana David was by far the pick of the Indian bowlers taking an impressive 4-12 in a haul that included top-order batters Suwini de Alwis, Chamari Polgampola and Sripali Weerakkody.

Earlier in the day, New Zealand pace bowler Nicola Browne led her side’s rout of the Pakistan team in the two teams’ final game of Group B in the ICC Women’s World Twenty20 to secure the team top place in the pool ahead of the semi-finals of the tournament due to take place in St Lucia later this week.

Browne, who took 4-15, demolished the Pakistan batting line up with Sana Mir’s side finishing its 20 overs 65-9. Having won the toss and electing to bat only three of Pakistan’s side made it into double figures, Nain Abidi (11), Urooj Mumtaz (14) and Sania Khan (15).

Pakistan’s batting performance was disastrous, New Zealand’s bowling department including the pace of Browne, was simply too strong for the team from the sub-continent.

“We didn’t perform at all well in this tournament,” said Mir.

“The only time we did well as a side was during the warm-up fixtures and this was not good enough for a world tournament. We need to go and improve our game as the standard of women’s cricket has improved a lot in the last year and all credit must go to New Zealand who played extremely well today,” she said.

New Zealand took just 8.2 overs to reach the target set by Pakistan but not before they’d lost four wickets including that of opener Suzie Bates who was caught by Mir and Rachel Priest who departed for just two runs. It was up to Sara McGlashan and Liz Perry to see the White Ferns through to the close and seal the victory for the team.

Sulakshana Naik India International

“It’s obviously good to know we’ve finished top of the group but to be facing West Indies is going to be a challenge in the semi-finals in St Lucia. They are the kind of team that are so unpredictable at Twenty20, one day they could make 80 all out and another 180 for four so I’m not taking the upcoming fixture lightly.

“Hopefully they’ve watched today’s game and seen what kind of a bowling attack we’ve got in our side,” said New Zealand captain Aimee Watkins.

Scores in brief:

At Warner Park:
Pakistan 65-9, 20 overs (Sania Khan 15; Nicola Browne 4-15)
New Zealand 71-4, 8.2 overs (Sophie Devine 23, Sara McGlashan 16 not out; Sadia Yousuf 2-9)
New Zealand won by six wickets

At Warner Park:
India 144-3, 20 overs (Sulakshana Naik 59, Mithali Raj 52)
Sri Lanka 71-9, 20 overs (Rasangika 31 not out; Diana David 4-12)
India won by 71 runs

Source: ICC Media

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Interview with ICC Twenty20 West Indies Venue Director in St. Kitts

ICC Twenty20 2010 Venue Director in St. Kitts-Nevis, Clement 'Monarch' OGarro

With the beginning of Twenty20 West Indies 2010 tournament on the way, The Muffin Post contacted Mr. Clement OGarro, Corporate Communications officer, for the International Cricket Council (ICC) Venue Office in St. Kitts-Nevis for more insight about the tournament.

TMP: Mr. OGarro, for the benefit of our readers, some who may not know about cricket, what is Twenty20 West Indies 2010, and what are the nations competing in the games?

OGarro: ICC WT20 WEST INDIES 2010 is the third staging of this tournament. It is the shortest version of the game with each team facing twenty 6 ball overs. The last tournament was held in England with Pakistan winning the men’s version and England taking the women’s trophy.

This year the men’s tournament features Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Australia in Group A. Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe in Group B. South Africa, India, and Afghanistan in Group C. West Indies, England, and Ireland in Group D.

The women’s teams are England, Australia, West Indies, and South Africa in Group A and New Zealand, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka in Group B.

TMP: There are four nations playing host to Twenty20 West Indies 2010, including Guyana, St. Lucia, Barbados, and St. Kitts-Nevis. What factors contributed to these venues as hosts over other cricketing venues in Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Antigua & Barbuda?

OGarro: This was done by a bidding process and recommendations to the ICC from the West Indies Cricket Board. In the end Hotel capacity, past hosting experience, available practice and warm-up venues as well a safety and security were some of the overriding factors.

TMP: From what we gathered St. Kitts-Nevis will be hosting the female leg of the tournament at Warner Park. Tell us more about the teams expected to compete at Warner Park and their schedule?

OGarro: Warner Park St Kitts will play host to the first round stage of the female tournament. There are eight teams competing for a chance to move on to the semi-finals in St Lucia. The games are scheduled for May 5-10 with two games per day at 10 AM and 2 PM.

May 5: West Indies vs. South Africa 10 AM. England vs. Australia 2 PM.
May 6: Sri Lanka vs. Pakistan 10 AM. New Zealand vs. India 2 PM.
May 7: Australia vs. South Africa 10 AM. England vs. England 2 PM.
May 8: India vs. Pakistan 10 AM. New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka 2 PM.
May 9: England vs. South Africa 10 AM. Australia vs. West Indies 2 PM.
May 10: New Zealand vs. Pakistan 10 AM. India vs. Sri Lanka 2 PM.

TMP: The first settlements for the British and French in the West Indies were established in St. Kitts-Nevis in 1624 and 1625 respectively, and as such, the twin islands are very much at the forefront of the history of the Caribbean region, and the Americas, is Warner Park part of that history? When did games begin there?

OGarro: Warner Park has a storied history, hence the name has remained even though there have been many calls for it to be re-named after a local hero. History indicates that the land where the stadium is situated was donated to St Kitts by the Warner family. Thomas Warner was the first Governor for the British in St. Kitts and the Leeward Islands. Though the debate rages on, the Federal Government has taken the suggestions of its citizens into consideration when it renamed the Media Center, the Netball Complex and the Players Pavilion in December of 2009. Warner Park has existed for many decades but was brought up to International standards in 2006 (during the tour of of India vs. West Indies) prior to hosting one of the first round zones of the 2007 World Cup.

TMP: Warner Park has been modernized to accommodate international cricket. Can you tell us more about the modernization project, the financing of it, and the seating capacity of the venue?

OGarro: As stated before the modernization of Warner Park was facilitated to host matches for the 2007 World Cup. This phase included a modern Media Center, now called the CAP Southwell Media Center, the Calvin Wilkin Players Pavilion which accommodates the dressing rooms and two Suites. Stands A, B, C, and D in the south of the stadium also accommodate 16 VIP Boxes. There are two mound areas and also a Party Stand which sits right next to the Replay Screen and a modern Scoreboard. For the hosting of the ICC WT20 WEST INDIES 2010 matches, a third and fourth dressing room were constructed in the Pam Wall Netball Complex to accommodate 4 teams playing on the same day. There are also several offices, a medical facility and meeting rooms. The financing for the stadium was done by the Government of St Kitts Nevis with assistance from the Republic of China on Taiwan. The seating capacity of the stadium is 8000.

TMP: Beyond the cricket itself, what are some of the activities planned for visitors to the Federation during the games?

OGarro: Besides the cricket, visitors to St Kitts are encouraged to savor the breathless beauty of the twin island Federation, through its food, music, and historical sites. Tours have been arranged to take the short ferry ride over to Nevis and there would be live music not only in the stadium but also downtown Basseterre on the weekend of the games. Brimstone Hill Fortress will be the site of many visits and patrons are expected to rally round the teams on The Strip in Frigate Bay where locals and visitors will meet after the games.

During the games patrons would be entertained by a 26 piece All Star Steelband playing the national anthems of all participating countries. DJ Ronnie Rascal will also be on hand to provide the “BRING IT” posse with musical entertainment all day long. 65 anthem kids would accompany each team on the field during the Anthem ceremony.

TMP: What is the contact information for the four hosting venues?

OGarro: The local ICC Venue Office in St Kitts-Nevis can be contacted at 869-466-8713; Barbados: 246-247-1109; St Lucia: 758-450-9470; Guyana: 592-227-7506.

TMP: Is there anything else you would like to add?

OGarro: We want fans to “Bring the fun” to matches but do it in a safe way! And once again let me echo the theme of the tournament “Bring your biggest cheers! Bring your loudest noisemakers! Bring your most outrageous costumes!”

It’s time for the ICC World Twenty20 West Indies 2010. Consider this an invitation from some of the craziest cricket supporters in the world to you. You call yourself a cricket fan? Then get your tickets now and be prepared to “Bring It.”

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Kitvisians celebrate promotional activities for ICC WT20 West Indies 2010

A lucky fan who won a chance to view the games at Warner Park Stadium and a free 'Bring It' T-Shirt

International cricket will soon reach the shores of St. Kitts – Nevis as teams from around the world gear up for the ICC WT20 matches to be played on four host Caribbean nations (Barbados, Guyana, St. Lucia, and St. Kitts-Nevis), April 30th – May 16th, 2010.

ICC Venue Director Clement 'Monarch' Ogarro talks a good game in a question and answer session to give away free T-shirts

The tourney is being held under the promotional heading “Bring It” which seems a dare to the best cricketing nations of the world to bring their best cricket skills to the Caribbean or face the consequences of becoming less than victors.

Is he Bringing It? He says, 'Yes!'

Locals of St. Kitts and Nevis understand what it is like to play host to players and tourists who come to these pristine islands to enjoy cricket and other amenities. The small Caribbean nation of 45,000 people is hosting its second international cricket tournament in less than four years. It is said that a picture tells a story of a thousand words; and so the locals prepare to celebrate.

A local posse gather at the St. Kitts-Nevis Marriott Hotel & Resort prior to a promotional Bus tour

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Jamaican Parliamentarian is bringing it to World cricket

Clement OGarro

The “Bring It” bandwagon paid a courtesy call on Jamaica’s Minister of Youth, Sports & Culture, Hon. Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, last weekend (Friday March 27) at her office as ICC World Twenty20 West Indies 2010 Tournament Director, Mr. Robert Bryan, presented her with a personalized “Bring It” bat; the first of ten to be given out around the Caribbean.

Though ICC WT20 matches will be played in four countries, Bryan noted: “This event belongs to the entire region and is something of which all West Indians should be proud. The Caribbean will be hosting its second international cricket tournament within three years and we are looking forward to seeing our relatives and friends from neighboring countries, including Jamaica, coming to celebrate this occasion and enjoy the cricket with us – and indeed with the rest of the world. We have included some of the other islands in our promotional campaign so that everyone can get a taste of the ‘Bring It’ fever as we count down to the start of the event next month.

“I hope I will see Minister Grange and other West Indians from non-hosting countries at the matches, showing the cricketing world that the Caribbean is indeed the best place to ‘Bring It’!”

Minister Grange, admiring the personalized “Babsy Is Bringing It!” slogan written across the blade, was delighted to receive the bat – which is a replica of the giant bats that have been erected across the four host nations (Barbados, Guyana, St. Kitts and Saint Lucia). Pledging her support for ICC WT20 WI 2010, she placed her newest acquisition prominently among various awards and memorabilia which she has received over the years.

In St. Kitts-Nevis, similar presentations would also be made to newly elected and appointed Minister of Sports, Hon. Glenn Phillip as well as Prime Minister Denzil Douglas and the lone female parliamentarian, Hon. Marcella Liburd.

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Clement Ogarro

Calvin Wilkin Players Pavilion which will serve as the Presidential Suite during the ICC WT20 cricket matches in St Kitts

In preparation for the hosting of the women’s preliminary round matches of the ICC WT20 WEST INDIES 2010 cricket tournament, the players’ facilities at Warner Park have been upgraded.

Cricket Operations officer-St Kitts, Mr. Steve Saunders explained, “Due to the fact that Warner Park would be staging two matches per day from May 5-10, two additional dressing rooms have been constructed to accommodate teams playing the second game of the day”.

He also stated that the improved facilities which are located in the Pam Tyson Netball Complex would be outfitted to meet the requirement of international standards. This development has the potential to guarantee the staging of more Twenty20 competitions at Warner Park which was improved by the Government of St Kitts and Nevis in order to host Cricket World Cup 2007.

Butch Morris / Hype Works

The construction was undertaken by HYPE WORKS which is an upcoming small business owned by Butch Morris of Cayon. He expressed his gratitude for the ICC venue office in St Kitts, in affording him the opportunity to expand his image as a small business owner and showcase his capabilities in the construction fraternity.

Mr. Morris revealed his satisfaction with the work that has been done so far in connection with the upgraded facilities, and looks forward to celebrating the success of the tournament when it bowls off in St Kitts on May 5.

The women’s first round matches to be staged in St Kitts, include teams from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, and world champs England. All tickets will be complimentary, giving the fans an opportunity to see the highest caliber of women’s cricket.

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Left to right, ICC Event Manager, Mr. Chris Tetley; West Indies Cricket Board President, Dr Julian R. Hunte; and ICC WT20 WI 2010 Tournament Director, Mr. Robert Bryan, at last week's two-day Project Team meeting in the Media Centre at Kensington Oval in Barbados

West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) President, the Hon. Dr. Julian R. Hunte, is looking forward to the “successful delivery” of the upcoming ICC World Twenty20 West Indies 2010 tournament and has wished the organizers well as they count down to the event. Speaking to the ICC WT20 WI 2010 Project Team at Kensington Oval in Barbados last Thursday, he urged them to continue working diligently to present a thrilling and enjoyable cricketing showpiece for the WICB as well as for the region during the April 30th to May 16th spectacle.

“Many of the best cricketers in the world will be on show and we want to show the best of the Caribbean to the world,” said Dr. Hunte.

In addition, the WICB chief noted a stellar ICC WT20 tournament could strengthen the West Indies’ quest to be a host venue when other ICC events are up for grabs.

Dr. Hunte – who also chairs the ICC WT20 WI 2010 Policy Committee – pledged the Board’s support and stated that, as tournament host, the WICB has an intrinsic obligation to make sure the event is outstanding.

ICC Events Manager, Mr. Chris Tetley, hailed the Caribbean as the ideal backdrop for Twenty20 cricket given the blend of enjoyment, passion, excitement and energy synonymous with both the region and cricket’s newest and shortest format.

“I’m extremely excited about the potential for this tournament…it can be the best Twenty20 event the world has ever seen,” he declared, challenging organizers to give their best because there will be “no second chance” to get it right.

“You don’t want to wake up the morning after and think ‘we could have done better’.”

During the two-day meeting in Barbados, which followed a week-long venue inspection tour, representatives from all four host nations (Barbados, Guyana, St. Kitts and Saint Lucia) detailed operational plans for various functional areas, including concessionaires, corporate hospitality, cricket operations, match-day logistics, media management, merchandising, safety and security, sportainment, traffic management, ticketing and volunteers. In the coming months, these plans will be fine-tuned in the build-up to the April 30th start of the third edition of the ICC World Twenty20 championship.

Rapt attention: (from right) ICC Host Liaison Officer, Ms. Vivienne Brown; Barbados Event Manager, Mr. Conde Riley; Barbados Logistics Officer, Mr. Adrian Griffith; and Barbados Cricket Operations Officer, Mrs. Roxanne Forte listen to one of the presentations at the Project Team meeting.

Reflecting on the past two weeks of activities, ICC Host Liaison, Ms Vivienne Brown, noted important progress has been made and it’s now time to buckle down for the busy 80-odd days until the event begins.

“We have been delighted with the hospitality and collaboration shown to us during the final venue inspections. It has been a thoroughly productive few days with many issues being resolved, and a roadmap for the way forward being identified. We now look forward to working closely together as we approach the real business end of the planning and implementation process in order to put on the world-class event we all aspire to deliver,” she said.

The meeting in Barbados was also attended by the four members of the ICC venue office in St Kitts who brought the ICC and WICB officials up to date on the planning for the staging of the female matches locally from May 1-10, 2010. St. Kitts event manager, Val Henry spoke to the state of readiness with regards to all components of this major world class cricket event with the assistance of Logistics officer, Marlene Liburd, Cricket Operations chief Steve Saunders, and Corporate Communications director, Clement Ogarro.

Val Henry, St Kitts Event Manager

The final project team meeting would be held in Guyana, April 7-9, the site of the opening game for the ICC WT20 West Indies 2010.

SOURCE: For more information, please contact Clement Ogarro, Corporate Communications – St. Kitts, ICC WT20 West Indies 2010, Warner Park Stadium, Basseterre St. Kitts / Email: cogarro@windiescricket.com / C: 869-662-7105 / T: 869-466-8713

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Caribbean prepare to woo the World with ICC WT20 West Indies 2010

By Clement Ogarro

As the Caribbean marks 100 days until the start of ICC World Twenty20 West Indies 2010, Tournament Director Mr. Robert Bryan says “momentum is mounting as the region gears up to host the blockbuster cricket event”.

“Coming into 2010 we have seen increased interest in the tournament with more fans enquiring about and indeed buying tickets. They realize that we’re just three months away from the biggest Twenty20 party and there’s a lot more talk and excitement about ICC WT 20.

“We have the best of the best in international cricket coming to the West Indies for two weeks of riveting action in men’s and women’s cricket and fans don’t want to miss out,” he said, speaking to media at a brief ceremony at Beausejour Cricket Ground in Saint Lucia to herald the 100-day countdown today.

Additionally, he noted tournament preparations have intensified and will continue to do so with “less than 100 days to go now”.

“There will be a final venue inspection later this month to ensure that all elements of preparation are progressing as they should be and to check out the venues and the renovations that are being done to make them ready for match day. We are pleased with how things have been going and we expect to deliver a superb, world-class spectacle of which the West Indies can be proud,” said Mr. Bryan.

After giving a short update on work at Beausejour – slated to host First Round, Super Eight and Semi Final matches – he invited media, government and sports officials to tour the venue and see the ongoing upgrades to the facility.

“The ICC WT20 Project Team has been working closely with the Ministry of Youth and Sports as well as Sports Saint Lucia Inc to bring Beausejour up to the required standard. This work began last November and is scheduled to be finished by month-end (January 2010),” explained the ICC WT20 2010 Tournament Director.

“One of the unique features of the ICC WT20 tournament is that double-headers will be held on all match days. This necessitates the simultaneous use of four dressing rooms. As we know, standard cricket ground across the Caribbean have two dressing rooms and this has meant that two additional dressing rooms had to be built here at Beausejour.

“The new third and fourth dressing rooms are currently being constructed on the second floor of the Vieux Fort Players’ Pavilion. One of these dressing rooms has been completed while work has begun on the other and this should be done by mid-February.”

Guests, including West Indies Cricket Board President Dr. Julian R. Hunte and Saint Lucia’s Minister of Sports Mr. Lenard Montoute, were also given an update on the pitch and field and general refurbishment of the stadium.

Mr. Bryan also reported that preparations in the three other host venues – Barbados, Guyana and St. Kitts – are progressing smoothly and “we are confident that all deadlines will be met as we move towards hosting this significant event”.

SOURCE: For more information, please contact Clement Ogarro, Corporate Communications – St. Kitts, ICC WT20 West Indies 2010, Warner Park Stadium, Basseterre St. Kitts / Email: cogarro@windiescricket.com / C: 869-662-7105 / T: 869-466-8713

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