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Gilad Atzmon Promotes Upcoming ‘Jazza Festival’ in London for Palestinians

Gilad Atzmon Special Announcement In The Muffin Post

Hello Everybody,

Sarah Gillespie, myself and at least 40 other leading artists from UK and Palestine are trying to achieve the impossible next week.

We are promoting and playing together in a massive music festival for Palestine. We are flying musicians to London, we are mixing jazz with folk with hip hop and roots music. We all believe one thing – that artists who support Palestine must say so loudly and proudly using our notes and our voices. Jazza Festival is serious but is also a big party and we want you to join in.

Jazza Music Festival 12 & 13 October 2010 @ THE SCALA

275 Pentonville Road, London


For line up: click here

From 7.30 pm

The funds raised in these 2 nights will help Free Palestine Movement deliver more and more humanitarian aid to Palestine.

I am also proud and delighted to announce that Shadia Mansour, the Palestinian Hip Hop queen also joined the Jazza Festival line up.

You can listen to the amazing Shadia and mind blowing Stormtrap (ex- Ramallah Underground) singing together on a track I produced recently together with Robert Wyatt and Ros Stephen.

Where Are They Now (Wyatt, Atzmon, Mansur,Stormtrap) by Gilad Atzmon.

Please circulate this message as far as you can.

Book Tickets on line for Tuesday, October 12

Book Tickets on line for Wednesday, October 13

You can also send us donations.

We need your support. Palestine needs your support.

Music against oppression.


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For PIF Stars It’s strickly about the Cash!

PIF Stars

PIF Stars

By Francis Anthony Govia

It is not every genre of music a person will like or understand, but true lovers of music let the music speak for itself, and consumers engender the demand for the product. Recently I hit the streets to find out what was out there and ran into Pif Stars pushing their album “Strictly Bout My Cash”. The two guys behind the “Stars” were standing outside a Starbucks on the corner of Jarolem and Court Street in Brooklyn, New York. These guys were young, ebullient and confident, the type of guys that you enjoy talking to at a first greeting. I purchased the music, and decided to give the disc a whirl.

The album lists 18 songs, but the first four could be combined into one song. The album has more than its fair share of invectives, and is clearly geared to those who love gangster rap even though one of the songs is entitled, “These Niggas Aint Gansta”. I was reminded by a friend that if we performed these songs in some countries we would be put in jail. I shot back that a time ago, I would be slapped about the face by my aunt for using some words being thrown about on the album. Now, for some people at least, these words fall in the artist domain.

PiF Stars

PIF Stars

After a while, the featured artist, Lazy Z settled down into caring about the beat, and spitting out the lyrics. Things get better with the beat, but not much better when it comes to calling women offensive names, and cursing the punks that want to mess with the Stars. As you may guess, “Strictly Bout My Cash” is all about guys who make their living off the street – guys with egos bigger than Rush Limbaugh, and the women they disrespect, intermixed with swagga about violence. The best songs on the album are “Swagga Right,” “Freestyle”, “Gettn Doe”, “Top Draft Picks” and “Pif Stars Interview”.

I had my share of apprehension about an artist with a name like Lazy K cutting it in the business but I decided to give Pif Stars a call to set up an interview. The telephone number on the album lead me to a sleepy sounding message from a guy who claimed to have lost his phone and referred me to another telephone number. Unfazed I called the second number, and after a few tries got an equally sleepy sounding live person on the line who said that he would call me back when he woke up. I never heard from second Mr. Sleepy. Nevermind, Pif Stars may still be worth your while to give a listen, even though I am willing to bet they will not impress your Grandmother. You can hear songs on “Strictly Bout My Cash” here, or see the video promotion here. PIF means Paid In Full.

Orf the Street is a column dedicated to those who make a living off the street. We hope that you have success pursuing your dreams, and all that is good soon rise to the top.

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Creature: The Art of the Hustle



By Francis Anthony Govia

It was a lazy afternoon when I ran into Creature. Two hours earlier I had met a colleague from a previous job for lunch at Pound & Pence. We washed down burgers and French fries with bottles of beer before saying our goodbyes on Broadway, and I wandered off to J&R, the electronic store near City Hall. The 42 inch Panasonic plasma TV I had purchased about six months ago was now 899, or two hundred dollars less than before. I reminded myself that six years ago, it would have probably cost me ten grand. I was playing with these thoughts in my mind when out of the corner of my eye I connected with his, and he pressed the CD into my hand. My mood became increasingly better. Was it free? As quickly as the thought entered my mind it was dispelled. Creature shrewdly cut off my escape, forcing me gently into a conversation with him.
“Where are you from?” he asked.
“Why?” I replied, acknowledging in my mind for the first time that the CD was for sale.
“Because people always have something interesting to say about where they are from,” he said.
“I was born in the Caribbean in a place called St. Kitts and Nevis. Do you know where that is?” I said, waiting to see some form of acknowledgement in his eyes, and seeing none, I continued. “It’s near the US Virgin Islands. And here is a piece of American history for you. Not all of the Founding Fathers were Europeans. Alexander Hamilton was born in St. Kitts and Nevis before he came here and devised our banking system.”
“So he sold out to the establishment,” said Creature.
”Not really,” I said, feeling a sense of justice rising within me. “The Founding Fathers were Statesmen. They really cared about the country. Not like today where politician care about their careers. But enough of that. Where are you from?”
“You ever heard about Cleveland, Ohio?”
“Yes,” I said, feeling another story about to develop.
“That’s not where I’m from,” said Creature, smiling amiably at me. “”I’m from New York. Born and raised in New York.”

The Underdog's Manifesto

“Tell me about the CD,” I said, smiling back at him.
“It’s independent music. You’re gonna like it.”
“What is it selling for?”
“I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you 10,” I said, handing over a twenty dollar bill, and watching Creature make change while the flow of New York’s traffic passed inconspicuously around us.
“Take a look at this,” he said, whipping a book from out of nowhere. I glanced at the cover of the book. The Underdog’s Manifesto: A Guerilla Artist’s Path to Independence.
I turned over the book and quickly perused a few lines on the back.
“Who is the guy who attended GWU law?” I asked. Is that you?”
“No. It’s a brother much smarter than me,” Creature responded. “Are you a Counselor, Sir?”
“I used to work for a law firm up to a few months ago,” I said. “But I resigned. Why are you asking?”
“Because usually when a person quickly observes something, the first thing that they refer to and that person are usually connected,” said Creature.
“That was in another life,” I said. “I like you. I’ll take the book. How much is it?”
“It’s 12, but I don’t have change so I’ll take 10.”
“Thanks,” I said, smiling at him.
“What is your name, Sir?”
“Mine is Creature,” he said, looking me in the eye.
“See you again,” I said, turning away to catch the train to Brooklyn Heights.


Samples of Hustle to be Free can be heard at Amie St. or Tradebit.The Underdog’s Manifesto is available at Outside the Box Publishing. More about Creature can be discovered at Coffee Grind Media.“Orf the Street” is a column dedicated to those who make a living off the street.

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