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Professor Gates Should Not Have Been Arrested

Harvard Scholar Disorderly

Francis Anthony Govia

There can be no more vexing insult to a man’s dignity and self-worth than to be rightfully in his home and to have another assert a more compelling authority over it than his. The law should be that when a cop enters a home, once a minimum of investigation has concluded that no crime has been committed therein, that that officer is a servant of the public, and as such, should have no more right to be in the presence of that home than a trespasser on the owner’s premises. Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. of Harvard University was arrested in his home, and charge with disorderly conduct by Sgt. James Crowley of Cambridge Police Force during the investigation of a report of a break-in at the Gates home in Cambridge. Once it was discovered by Sgt. Crowley that such a criminal activity had not occurred, and that Gates was in his lawful residence, a good public servant would have graciously left the premises, and its master’s dignity would have been spared.

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