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By Brandi Wells

He won’t let me touch him. On the back
of his leg there is a tattoo of a geisha’s
head cut off, blood spilling from the base
of her neck, there to remind him. I rest
my head on his knee. The girl he trusted
that cheated on him. Calypso. He runs
his finger along one of my eyebrows. It
feels rough. I tell him I cheated once.
Kissed the wrong guy. He pulls his
earring out and rubs it against the skin
below his nostrils. He wears a solid
black shirt and red striped boxers.
There’s a wet stain to the left of his
crotch. The button on his boxers is
undone. He smells my hair. Drinks a
twelve pack of Newcastle. Leaves the
empty bottles on the counter tops. Beer
caps on the kitchen floor.

Calypso was first published in Dogmatika For more of the writings of Brandi Wells visit God Is A Giant Crab.

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