By Francis Anthony Govia

Without the bailout money
the country will fall
because America’s elites
need incentives to employ
more people in these
troubled times.
Yet, after years of excess,
the life has been bled
out of the system,
and the people have
nothing more
to give to the rich man —
so maybe the rich are
really trying to save
values and the ideology
they propagated,
and are now working
to stem a real possibility,
that this century’s first revolution
may begin on American soil,
and to our embarrassment,
the decline of our Nation’s power
is happening in our time.
On the television,
the pundits employ guile
to put the blame for the housing crisis
on the have nots.
It is as if, we the people
truly govern this country,
and dictate the terms
for loans we took
that we cannot afford.
But few pundits are giving voice to the fact
that we are the have nots
of power and influence; that we
devote a high percent
of our income towards staples,
rents, and mortgage payments,
and at often higher interest rates
than that of those who have.
So how can the have nots
escape the squeeze
that those who have
impose on him?
And is it really possible
that anyone in America
can be whatever he
hopes to become
(despite of our
current President
being black and
attune to our
current predicament)
when Americans are losing jobs,
and everything we have of value
is disappearing into a dark hole
faster than our creditors can attach it?
And now it becomes so surreal,
that a congress woman is telling
her constituents to stay
in their foreclosed homes
and fight the banks
who are receiving bailout money,
and are major recipients of
Government credit.
But who is giving credit to the have nots?
Can you please tell me who?
Is it not true that the gatekeepers
of power and influence in our country
are the gravest offenders and
mishandlers of an economy
that is fostered by greed and exploitation
of the common man? And that system is bust! Isn’t it so?
And if you dare to think otherwise, tell me,
which one of you is a brother of
Charles Darwin or Adam Smith,
when you cannot afford to feed and
clothe yourself and your children, nor keep
a shelter over your head? And I dare to ask, further,
who amongst those that you and I know
is one of Uncle Sam’s relatives?

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