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First Solar Energy Recharge Station (SERSEV) opens in SE Tennessee

Over a year ago, The Muffin Post posted an article regarding the production of the Nissan Leaf and suggested the establishment of a Nation-wide array of solar energy recharge stations for electric vehicles aptly coined SERSEVS. The article was titled “SERSEV the Leaf”. According to AutoGreenBlog: ‘That’s just what happened in Pulaski, TN, where a solar parking lot – that is, parking spaces with an electric vehicle charger that is powered by solar energy – opened earlier this month. The 20 kW solar array is the first such EV station in the Southeast say the people behind the project, Richland, LLC. Company president Jim Greene told local TV station WSMV.” The SERSEV was built at a cost of $180,000 with funds from the Federal and State government. We think this example is the way of the future. For more information regarding the AutoGreenBlog article go here. The original Muffin Post article of August 9, 2009 is available here, with additional suggestions for use of the technology.

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