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Hawaii rallies to get in the running for visionary Google project

A community-based appeal for Google to make Hawaii one of the test locales for its recently-announced, ultra-fast broadband service is being organized through an online petition. Called Gigabit Hawaii, the initiative seeks to get tens of thousands of residents to add their support by a March 15 deadline when the petition of community-based encouragement will be transmitted to Google – which will be making initial selections after March 25.

Local government has already made an official request, but Google had stated that “a level of community support” would be one of the factors. The Gigabit Hawaii initiative hopes to help make the point by providing an easy way for the general public to participate with a quick online signing. People are asked to network the petition address to family and friends and through organizations.

Several leading members of the local high-tech community drafted a multi-point support document and formatted the petition. Olin Lagon of Kanu Hawaii stated his support: “Unlike most parts of the US, our own residents are separated by ocean. Enabling gigabit broadband directly into our communities could have a profound impact on better connecting our neighborhoods and islands, as well as invigorating our challenged public educational system.”

Reflecting on the economy, Dan Leuck of TechHui and Ikayzo said: “Being on the most isolated island chain on Earth, the speed and quality of our connection to the net directly impacts our ability to communicate, learn, educate, and conduct business. Google’s gigabit broadband initiative could help reinvigorate communities and businesses in an economic downturn.”

Kevin Hughes of Sprout said: “Hundreds of millions of people use and rely on Google’s network-based applications as part of their daily lives. Let’s show them that Hawaii residents want and deserve the kind of network infrastructure with the speed, efficiency, and reliability that their products are known for. Their presence will encourage innovation, spur competition, and lay the groundwork for an economy driven by the production of intellectual capital rather than the scarcity of natural resources.”

To support the petition, go here.

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