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The IRS is strong-arming U.S. citizens

The Sheriff of Nottingham

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The bankrupt and declining U.S. government, through its much feared Internal Revenue Service, is intimidating US citizens to force them to pay more taxes that may likely fund the corporate bailouts, and wars that it has waged for the benefit of special interest groups.

One taxpayer with only a passing relationship to dissident voices recently received notice from the IRS that she was audited for 2007 (the last year in which she earned five figures), and owed the Federal government several thousand dollars.

The taxpayer had previously received a tax refund from the IRS for 2007.

The concerned citizen called up the tax accountant who prepared the return, and inquired through him if there had been a mistake, and was told that the IRS demanded that she pay the sum owed without further explanation.

Like most citizens when dealing with an aggressive IRS, the taxpayer contacted the agency directly. She informed an agent that her current financial situation was dire. She had lost her job and the salary that she currently receives is considerably less than what she earned in 2007.

She recounted that after her 2010 tax obligations, mortgage payment, and health bills, she had very little to pay for food supplies or anything else.

The IRS ordered her to submit to a payment plan which would commence in November, and received a letter to confirm the agreement from the agency.

In the first week of September, the IRS drained the citizen’s bank account of her salary leaving her with a deficit of one penny, and no means to pay her mortgage, buy food, pay for transportation to go to and fro work, and to purchase medication to control a hyper active thyroid, manage her pancreatic disease, and diabetic condition.

Upon notice from the bank of the offending party who had drained her bank account, the citizen contacted the IRS, and noted to an agent that she had negotiated a payment plan which would commence in November, and had received correspondence noting the same.

The angry citizen told the agent that because of the action of the IRS she now had no means to pay for her health medicine, mortgage, or even travel to work.

Her situation is similar to many ordinary Americans these days who are barely surviving from month to month in a suspect economy that is only good to the deep pockets.
The citizen was backed into a position where she was in no mood to tolerate the strong arm of the IRS without question any more.

The IRS agreed to replace the money it had withdrawn from the citizen’s account, which much to her surprise was re-credited within a matter of a couple hours. The action reflects that the government now has the means to dip into U.S. citizens bank accounts at will, and take whatever action it wants surprisingly without judicial review, in a short turn around. But the tax hounds were not finished with the citizen.

A few days later, she received a letter from her bank noting that the IRS had ordered it to withhold 28% of all interest earned on her bank account for tax purposes, which is essentially her current earned income bracket.

Things get much worst.

About two weeks later, the citizen received a letter from the state tax bureau with an order that she owed the state a few more thousand for year 2007.

In conversation with the state tax agent, the citizen learned that the Federal government had informed the state revenue service of a “mistake” in the preparation of the tax return which accounted for the change.

A revelation of this kind shows that powerful forces in both the Federal and State government are now collaborating to strong arm poor Americans to pay every penny of what they supposedly owe in taxes even while the rich and corporate elites are given hand-outs, tax breaks, and are able negotiate substantial tax reductions on what they owe.

For her experiences, this moderate citizen has decided not to lend her support to any of the candidates of the major political parties. Like her, more and more Americans are finding it hard to respect a government who does not care for the welfare and interests of its ordinary people.

Beware of those that you elect for their phone calls and decisions may deprive you of your money and freedom.

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