Across the Blue Line

By Govia

By noon the talking heads were at it again.
Would Iran make up the $100 million dollar of military aid to
the Lebanese army increasing the stakes for the U.S. in the
battle for influence regarding Israel’s neighbors to the north?

The critics of American military aid to Lebanon said that the
weapons could be used in combat against the Israelis.

Heavens forbid that the Lebanese repel a foe that has
invaded its territory 3 times in the last 32 years.

The Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr stated that aid to
the army should be without conditions.

He called on friends to support his objectives of
strengthening the Lebanese armed forces.

Those who want to place conditions on the aid should keep
their money, he said.

Meanwhile, the talking heads continued to whirl.

It was stated that Iran would not make up the shortfall in
defense of Lebanon for it was in the interest of Iran to have
a strong Hezbollah.

A stronger Lebanese army would negate the influence of
Hezbollah in the state of Lebanon, some said.

Still the thorny issue caused by the pruning of a tree, and
the ensuing firefight across the Blue Line that left an Israeli
lieutenant colonel and three Lebanese dead on August 3rd,
2010 continued to raise its head.

How do we work the devil out of a deal?
The talking heads needed to spin that to the public.

The State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said that
Iran’s statements were “expressly the reason why we believe
that continuing support to the Lebanese government and the
Lebanese military is in [U.S.] interest.”

It was a backhanded way of telling Howard Berman, a Jew,
and chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, to cough
up the $100 million he had blocked on August 9th and to
shut up.

We gasped at the uproar caused over the pruning of a tree,
and waited for a next moment of indecision to occur.

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