Canada Post halts service to Gaza bound mail

A bedeviled people are at work to isolate and weaken the resolve of the deprived citizens of the Gaza. Canada Post has now suspended its service to Palestinians that live in the enclave. The Post Office of the Government of Canada said it has been informed by Israel Post that mail service to the coastal Palestinian territory is unavailable “due to circumstances beyond their control.” See communiqué here. One wonders what more injustice can be exacted by the Israeli government on the citizens of Gaza while their lackeys in Governments of the West sit in the shadows and approve. Who are the real terrorists? Are they the misguided Palestinians who loft a missile occasionally at Jews who occupy lands that are not their own? Or are the terrorists the government of Israel, and its Allies of Folly who support and sanction the isolation, starvation and killing of 1.5 human beings in the Gaza strip — those that remain to exist within one centimeter above starvation in accordance with the Red Line document?

Only 24,000 people of Palestinian decent reside inside Canada. Outside Gaza and the West Bank, a great number of Palestinians reside in Jordan, Israel, Chile, and Syria. See dispersion of the Palestinians here. So what purpose does an organ of the government of Canada serve in making this decision? Can mail from Canada not flow to the Gaza through Egypt? Does Canada Post have to wait for the de facto rulers of the Palestinians in Tel Aviv to approve the resumption of mail service to the Gaza? Is there no will within the people of Canada to tell their government we want you to do what is right and impartial? Your actions seem to suggest that the needs of Palestinians are not important to Canadians.

Those who have power should be principled in making decisions as leaders. Tomorrow their position may not be so lofty, and they may have to rely on the gratitude of others that is in reserve. Those who beat the drum of the proud and the powerful should remember that no nation or people rule forever. Just look at history. You too will be judged by how you treated others. As they say, what goes around comes around.

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2 thoughts on “Canada Post halts service to Gaza bound mail

  1. Isa Sander says:

    Don’t like the veiled threats of reprisal at some time in the future. I’m sure that your article does not help the Palestinians at all.

  2. I presume you mean “help” will be denied the Palestinians should I, and any writer so dare to state the obvious. In the words of W. H. Auden:
    “I and the public know
    What all schoolchildren learn,
    Those to whom evil is done
    Do evil in return.”
    Shall the senseless killing of Palestinians remain unmentionable? Are the Palestinians sheep to be penned in by men who claim we are the bulwark of Civilization? Is the denial of communication to the citizens of the Gaza another a weapon of psychological warfare? The British Prime Minister David Cameron was right when he stated recently that the Gaza cannot remain a prison camp. Are we as people of conscience to sit and allow the Israelis to dictate what can and cannot be done to alleviate the sufferings of the Palestinian people? See, Christian Science Monitor ( . Until we treat the Palestinians as human beings, and recognize that their rights are as important as the Israelis, we are playing into the hands of radicals in the Middle East, and exposing ourselves as supporting an unprincipled position that is not useful to ordinary Americans. I believe we should act impartially while we address the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Only a fool could believe that we have the faculty to resolve a conflict between two adversaries while we state incessantly that we support the rights of one over the other.

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