A Cry of Freedom – If I were a Slave

A Cry Of Freedom

A Cry Of Freedom

By Francis Anthony Govia

If I were a slave, work would never be completed. No purpose would ever be achieved. I would take no orders.

If I were a slave, no man would be my master. No thoughts would be inspired by me. No vision of mine would ever take form.

If I were a slave I would not propagate. I would not agitate for any cause. There would be no ideas, no values, no commitments for which I could live.

But what if I were a free man?

As a free man my labor is bountiful. My vision is limitless. My energy is sustainable, and my aspirations are unrivaled. Yet, my use to a society founded on the principles of exploitation may still be zero.

And there is the source of my dilemma. For I who wish to love, live, propagate and aspire to more than I have been given must accept the fate that I must exist as partly slave and partly free man.

And he who wishes to capitalize from my existence must appear to be a benefactor of my freedom.


A Cry of Freedom was painted in acrylic on canvas by Ghanaian artist Desmond Boamah.

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2 thoughts on “A Cry of Freedom – If I were a Slave

  1. mrconscious says:

    I like this poem.

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